Order your copy of this heart-warming documentary by Minnow Media that tells the story of The Malpass Brothers and their hometown of Goldsboro, NC. This is the full-length version of the film that was broadcast multiple times on North Carolina public television earlier in 2018. Order here for immediate delivery to enjoy the story & the music of the Malpass Brothers – and meet lots of family & friends who’ve been so important to us along the way! Thanks to each of you!

Newest CD & DVD feature performances included in the documentary film THE MALPASS BROTHERS: HEADING HOME!

lovethyneighborWe’re excited to share the news that our latest CD “Live at the Paramount Theatre” — PLUS a live performance DVD “Love They Neighbor” — are now available from our STORE page here on the website and at our upcoming live shows.

Both recordings feature excerpts from our 2017 annual performance at the Paramount Theatre — our hometown stage since we were young boys. The concert was filmed for the public television documentary film “The Malpass Brothers: Heading Home” which will premiere in January 2018 at the Paramount!

The new CD features 13 selections, including six Malpass Brothers originals, some of which are recorded here for the first time. The DVD provides 16 video selections, some of which are different from the cuts on the CD (along with a couple of Taylor’s famous stories!) plus a bonus black & white version of “The Man in Black’s Wearing White.”

Click on the image of each item on the store page and you’ll see the full listing of song titles included on the CD and the DVD. Hope you’ll enjoy them!

Malpass Brothers Heading Home PREVIEW from Minnow Media on Vimeo.

“This is who we are…
…My brother Taylor and I do the type of music we do because this music speaks to us, and speaks to the souls of its listeners. For us, traditional country music is the ‘real deal’ – every song portrays life’s joys, heartaches, problems and happiness. It comes from the heart, and has depth and truth. Nothing is sugar coated. Our goal, really, is to see this music be revived, to help ensure it doesn’t fade away. It is so encouraging to have young people come to our shows with a new interest in our ‘old music.’ Being able to introduce what we love to another generation feels like a great accomplishment for us. We want this music to be around for our children’s children…”
— Christopher Malpass

Photos by Chris Charles for Creative Silence, © 2016.



The new documentary film THE MALPASS BROTHERS: HEADING HOME, telling the story of NC’s fast-rising country music artists from Goldsboro, NC enjoyed a rousing success in its premiere broadcast on Thursday, June 7 at 8pm on UNC-TV North Carolina Public Media.

If you enjoyed the film or would like to request to UNC TV system to re-air this entertaining one-hour film, email your request to viewer@unctv.org

HEADING HOME premiered as part of a special evening on UNC-TV’s on-air fundraising campaign, Neighbor By Neighbor. In addition to the broadcast of the documentary, the evening also featured live performances by the Malpass Brothers in the studio.

HEADING HOME is the story of how two talented young NC musicians are building a career in the tradition of music from a time before they were born. Christopher Malpass and his younger brother, Taylor, began playing and singing the songs of Hank Williams, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash and the Louvin Brothers before they were even out of middle school. They have since toured for several years with the late Merle Haggard and have performed across the US and in Europe. Their latest CD and live performance DVD was recorded at their hometown Paramount Theatre in Goldsboro, NC during production of this documentary.  Even with an ever-growing schedule of concert appearances, both Christopher and Taylor hold on to their ‘day jobs’ with understanding employers back home and are active members of their local communities.

Minnow Media producers Donna Campbell and Georgann Eubanks, who have produced Emmy Award-winning documentaries, followed the Malpass Brothers almost a year-and-a-half during the course of making this film. The band traveled more than 20,000 miles to 50 performances and began to consider moving to Nashville as a next step. The one-hour documentary takes a look at how the brothers struggled with that decision. It also reveals their family background and how their home town helped to shape them — including candid interviews with family, fans, employers, teachers, and even their hair dresser who ‘stays away’ from those sideburns!

For more information about THE MALPASS BROTHERS: HEADING HOME, contact Minnow Media’s Donna Campbell at 919.656.7407, dcminnow@gmail.com.  Concert booking inquiries may be directed to Stephen Barefoot at  www.goingbarefoot.com

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