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For questions regarding access or screenings of the 2018 public television documentary about The Malpass Brothers – HEADING HOME – or to order copies of the film DVD, the live concert DVD “LOVE THY NEIGHBOR” or the concert CD “LIVE AT THE PARAMOUNT THEATER,” contact producer Minnow Media at

“Folks follow the Malpass Brothers not unlike those that follow the Grateful Dead. Like that grand experience of mass migration toward a musical experience, these Malpass Groupies would travel anywhere to see their musical heroes and they know where and when they are playing. These young Malpass men communicate viscerally to older folks, many of whom literally came from the Land, the dirt that sustained them and comprises the core of their essential values. These Country and Western troubadours hail from eastern North Carolina and are not only the creators of fine melody, but are the ad hoc leaders of a local movement of folks who are as comfortable watching early Andy Griffith reruns as they would be in helping your young daughter change a busted tire along the side of a dark country road.” – Wyatt Sandman Day

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