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  1. Hello Brothers!!!!!!!
    WOW DOUBLE WOW…What a good super show you both put on @ Jekyll Island..!!!! My husband and I are older Senior Citizens and he tried twice to catch one of you during the intermission to tell you something, but he missed you both times. I need to talk to your publicity Person. I have a wonderful idea for your upcoming shows. Can he/she give me a call or message me BY email ? It would increase your popularity a GREAT deal.
    We bought the DVD you had for sale but was a little disappointed that you didn’t have” more energy” in your songs like you both had on stage @ Jekyll Island.. We loved the jokes and Taylor is perfect to tell them on account of his straight face.. We made sure we were in our seats for the 2nd half of your show..A lot of your songs were popular back in our “day”.. Try a little Chubby Checker- The TWIST.
    On your DVD we bought, I ..Loved, Loved seeing Taylor’s finacee and LOVED seeing your beautiful wife and Little boy on stage with you. It shows you love your family..and your Dad being up there with you boys is a definite Plus..Keep up the good work. Don’t let it go to your heads, stay true to your selves, but very soon, your band will be more than a “Part Time Star”.
    Curley & Carol Ann James

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