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  1. I saw you last night at Denton Farm Park for Doyle Lawson’s Festival.
    You guys were AWESOME!! I spoke to your Dad as he walked through
    the crowd and asked him if you might do a Louvin Brothers Gospel
    song. You did some Louvin songs on the 2nd set and I want to Thank You!
    I hope to see you again soon in person. Wow, What a show you put on.

  2. They are very entertaining and good clean fun they are what country should sound

  3. I saw y’all several years ago opening for Merle Haggard in Biloxi, MS and I thought you guys were just GREAT!!! I did not catch your names and did not find out who you were until now. Looking forward to catching one of your shows again real soon. Love your back to the country roots traditional style of country music.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TYLOR, from Michigan

  5. Hi. Saw y’all 8 pm concert yesterday at Newberry Opera house. Wanted to see if Taylor feels better. Was concerned he didn’t feel well. Show was great. Chris and band did an awesome job. Disappointed Landfest cancelled but know y’all will be there in 2021. Chris and wife, congratulations on the little girl expected spring 2021.

  6. Yesterday saw the Malpass Brothers at the Newberry Opera House, Newberry SC….Great show! Love these guys!

  7. Just got my first MB CD yesterday (the self-titled one). In the first five seconds listening to it I thought, “Now this is going to be REAL country music.” I LOVE it! About to get the next one.

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