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  1. Enjoyed your performance in Branson, MO at The Starlite Theater on May 4, 2017. Could have listened for hours. We traveled 400 miles to enjoy your music in person. As we traveled those 400 miles we listened to your cd The Malpass Brothers. I have no idea how many times we replayed that cd, but I know it was about 7 hours of nonstop The Malpass Brothers. Happy to say we now own all three of your cds, and enjoy them everyday. Keep the great songs coming.

  2. Just happened to come across you on u tube recently and I love your music! It’s good old country music like we don’t hear much anymore! Would love to see you in person. Do you ever come out to California? Thank you for the great music! ❤

  3. I also enjoyed the concert in Buford on Friday May 12th, my second time to see the Malpasd brothers. They are truly a pleasure to watch and I also enjoyed talking to Chris about my 1940 Ford. I hope in the future they can be closer to the western part of North Carolina so I can attend more often. Keep up the great work and God bless each one of you.

  4. I saw the Malpass Brothers in concert Friday, May 12th in Buford, Georgia. They embody what has been lost in the country music industry. They are super talented musicians, great singers, and true entertainers. There is no need for expensive props or smoke and mirrors. They just need a stage and a microphone. Unlike many artists, they are even better in person. Interactions with the band and audience cannot be captured on CD. We purchased three CDs . They are all wonderful. The classic songs re-recorded bring back the good old days. There original music feels just as timeless. My friends and family can’t wait until they come back to Georgia.

  5. fell in love with there music on the 2017 cruise i can not get into the tours date

  6. I saw the Malpass Brothers on the Larry Black’s Country Diner. My husband and I just fell in love with them. They are so talented. I hope we can get to the Don Gibson Threater to see them in person.

  7. Absolutely fabulously talented and true to the music. You know what’s so great, when we met them @ Providence Church this past Saturday night along with their father, these guys are so polite and respectful of everyone, their families I know are really proud of them! What a great fun venture and a pleasure to meet them and their group. I kept wanting to jump up and dance but since we were sitting on the front row, I knew my husband would have crawled under the seat. Great show and some really down to earth people!

  8. What a WONDERFUL note! Thank you so much, truly, for taking the time to write. As the Malpass Brothers’ representative, I want to make sure you’re aware of the public television documentary film currently in production about the Malpass Brothers. Here’s a link to the update page:

    • I appreciate your response back to me. I want to do all I can to make sure I let everyone know (anywhere I go) about the Malpass Brothers. I have watched the last Larry’s Country Diner show that they were on in March…..over and over again. I purchased all 3 CD’s they currently have out and upon listening to them I am further amazed at their talent. These guys are great!!!

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