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  1. Great show in Greenville Ohio 1/18/2020.
    Came from Indiana to see them.

  2. I accidentally discovered you guys on YouTube and I sure am glad I did. I love the way you bring back the real country songs. You sing ’em like they are supposed to be sung and play them with such inspiration and love. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you two are doing. I will always be a Malpass Brothers fan. I can’t wait until you come to Oklahoma so I can see you and enjoy the music and fun. You guys are the real deal for sure.

  3. You guys are absolutely amazing. A breath of fresh air to hear. I’m so excited to here the old country brought back in this generation. Do you ever consider coming to canada to tour??

  4. Well today I had the pleasure ( along with a full house) to see the guys in action on their home turf The Paramount Theatre . It was an amazing performance , lots of laughs and a whole bunch of REAL COUNTRY MUSIC. They did an outstanding job of entertaining the audience. I already have my ticket for the show in Liberty NC In the fall. I also hope to consider going on the upcoming cruise next year. I say to them Keep the Faith in what you are doing and never let this music die .I hope to see you again real soon in Boone. Thank you for being the performers you are.

    • They are terrific and I think they are the sound again of the Lovin Bros. and the Wilburn Bros. I went to see them when they came to the Boys Ranch in Palatka, Fl. in Nov. of 19 and I’m taking the same one’s this time plus friends that are here from Mi. I have told them all about them and told everyone at church . I just think they are wonderful. God blessed their Parents when he sent them to them.

  5. These are two of the best country singers I have heard in a long, long time. I come from the old school, like Hank Williams, Faron Young, Marty Robbins, Kitty Wells, Wanda Jackson, Connie Smith and many, many more back in that day until one night my husband ask me if I had heard the Malpass Brothers, and I had informed him I hadn’t, and he got them up on a show they had done on Larry’s Country Diner and that was it. I was hooked on good country music again. I went to see them
    when they appeared at the Boy’s Ranch in Palatka, Florida in Nov. of 2019 and I’m going back in March when they appear and taking a few more with me. These are 2 young men that I know their parents are proud of them. .. I’m glad that I can hear good old country music from the young as I did so many years ago. So as long as I am able to go and see them, I’ll be there.

  6. Anonymous you guys are really great make it look easy a lot of hard work to put it together

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