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  1. I love the Malpass Brothers. Who do I contact with a problem on my recent order?

  2. Seen 12 of your 15 performances at SDC in Branson last October and we are heading back to SDC next month to see you again. Oh, we also took in two of your shows at the GREAT MINNESOTA GET TOGETHER. Be great to hear your dad sing a song sometime.

  3. We saw your show at the MN star fair. It was a wonderful show– the look, the singing, the music and the talking were all a delight. Looking forward to listening some more.

  4. Just caught your show at the Minnesota State Fair and it was GREAT! I was blown away by the quality of the singing, playing and stage presence. We are now big Malpass Brothers Fans and will look for another show to attend and I’m sure they will be invited back hopefully for the Grandstand, they are that good.


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