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  1. Besides being a great music show, their show in Carrollton, Georgia was hilarious. My smile nd laugh muscles are worn out.

  2. Hey Chris,
    Is the Martin Guitar you play a D41?
    I know you told how you acquired
    It from a friend of the family. I think that’s what you said.

  3. I watched The Huckabee show and discovered The Malpass Brothers. They are great!

    I have some unique lyrics I would like to send to them. Let me know if any interest and I will send them. Song would be great for them.

  4. Love the act, prefer most of the older songs myself. I am a 37 year military veteran who was born in the wrong decade. I have a song you might like about a moma who sees her son’s picture on the post office wall. Keep up the good work.

  5. Good thing I’m a Huckabee fan. Without Mike I’d never become a Malpass Brothers fan!

  6. I just saw you on Mike Huckabee and I loved your music! Come to Michigan!

  7. Hey , just watched you guys on Mike Huckabee! I am going to see if I can watch you on YouTube on my big screen with good speakers! Love you both down home caring men ! You have been a Blessing in my Life today Guys ! God Bless you and your Families! Stay Safe and Healthy! Kathy

  8. Heard you on Huckabee and checked out your music online. I am now a fan. Love, love, love your style!

  9. Just a quick question:
    We’re spending all of Thanksgiving week in Windy Hill, SC & we’re looking forward to attending the SC Bluegrass Convention that Friday….to SEE YA’LL👍
    Please clarify whether or not it has been canceled. Thanks!
    Happy Thanksgiving & God bless🦃🙏♥️

  10. We love these guys and they put on the BEST show you have ever seen. Want them to come closer to us so we can go to all the shows. Who love to have them in Tifton, Georgia
    God Bless you all and be safe on the road .

  11. Awesome music love to hear them Elaine & Walt Youngers

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