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  1. Hi Chris and Taylor Malpass – what a wonderful, great show you did for me at the Weatherford, TX concert – it was so great to see and hear you sing – I loved every song you did – also, I was so happy to have my picture taken with Chris at the intermission. What great singers you both are – love you – Donna Jefferson

  2. I can’t tell you how much my Mom and Auint enjoyed your concert in Midland last night! Both in their 80’s, were like two kids on Christmas morning. Hope you will come back this way again.

  3. From Tex and Mary Schutz…The ones who sang “Farmer in the Whitehouse” at Rhonda Vincent’s jam on the 2017 cruise. We plan to be at your show in weatherford, Texas. Hope we have a chance to say Hi! Take care. See you soon!

  4. You Boy’s have brought joy to my heart i can’t get enough of your music and your own happiness shines so brightly all the time. , It would be good to see you over here in England if not maybe one day I will get over to America to see you in concert. Praise the Lord for sharing your faith, too many artists don’t have it or are embarrassed to talk about the Lord .nThank you. Amen….. Jeanie

  5. Thank you for coming to our restaurant Bites Grill & Bar while performing at the Blue Grass Festival! We are trying to start a photo wall and would like to get a photo of you to add to it!
    Roger & Wendy Hoplin
    Bites Grill and Bar
    PO Box 66
    Pine River, Mn 56474

  6. You guys sang a song Just suppose on the family reunions I like it you all sound good at it is there any way that I can get that song that you are sang if there is let me know

  7. Everybody’s heard about the 🦅…….. B-B-B-BIRD BIRD BIRD, BIRD IS THE WORD.

  8. Great show guys ! I liked the instrumental parts in your songs. Your all great musicians . Thanks for coming to the minnesota state Fair !

  9. Have yet to see these guys in concert hoping to reAl soon they are the real deal seen them on Larry’s country diner and absolutely fell in love with their sound they give me hope. For real country music

  10. We really enjoyed your performance at the Pine River Bluegrass Festival in Minnesota. I want to thank you for doing the Elvis Presley. My son thought that was great. You were the only band that got a standing ovation all 4 times you were on stage!

  11. Please come to The Sportsman’s Tavern in Buffalo NY

  12. my first time seeing them live at milan michigan kc campground bluegrass festival (8-2-18) great show hope yall will be back next year

  13. These guys are what we need to keep our country music , true and alive .

  14. These young men bring our great music back to a generation . Where we can enjoy the music of true country .
    I have had the privilege to meet them several times . Such nice well mannered country boys .
    They will be going a long way . I pray for blessings over them in all they do .
    I love their music . ♥️🙏

  15. How in the world does Chris recall the words of all the different songs the Brothers sing?

  16. Hello, My name is Mike Bryant and I’ve been trying to contact The Malpass Brothers for some time. I performed a show with them back in 2001 / 2002 at the Johnson County Community College
    I’ve been seeing them on Larry’s Country Diner and was pleased that they were doing so well. I also continued on with music but in a different way. I’m a songwriter / publisher and I’d like
    to see if they would check out my music. I would love for them to record some of my songs. My website is .

  17. Seen them in pa at Remington RYDE bluegrass festival love them come back see us,keep up good work—fan in pa

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