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  1. Made our first cruise this year and especially enjoyed the Malpass Brothers. Wish you could make your way to Texas more often. Do hope to see you in Bellville, Texas in the fall.

    • We enjoyed the cruise too, our second one. Love to hear the Malpass Brothers. Saw them at the Old Virginia Barn Dance near our home in Virginia

  2. I received the CD that I ordered called “Love Thy Neighbor” and it not reading on any of my CD players. Do you want me to return it or would you send me a new one that is readable? I was so disappointed that it was not readable. I love to hear and see them perform.

  3. My wife & I saw the Malpass Brothers for the first to a few weeks ago in Holly Springs, bought a CD and have enjoyed every song. My favorite is “I Threw Away the Rose” and it’s as good or better than the original artists that I’ve heard play it before. We will definitely go see this fine band again.

  4. My friends and I saw you in Pigeon Forge yesterday, all three shows. The shows get better each time we see you. Loved all of the music especially the gospel and the jokes kept us laughing all the way home. We missed your dad and hope to see him again soon. We love you guys and love the music. See you in Buford Georgia.

  5. thank you for this post.

  6. this is cool. thank you

  7. You guys were great as always at Holly Springs. Have ya”ll ever done Rainbow Stew? A great one by Merel.

  8. Love to hear them sing .do they have the song just suppose on cd?

  9. We love the Malpass Brothers -we have gone to Memphis to see them and to Branson 3 times. Love these guys. Why aren’t you coming back to Country Days at Silver Dollar City this fall? So sad that you are not coming back!

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