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  1. Love hearing you boys in Center hall pa onJuly1 it was a great show then we went to our local fair for what they called country music night it was so much rock& roll and loud it vibrated my head when the singer said I love country music I got up an left so we need you guys to keep country alive no matter what anyone says keep doing what your doing

  2. I have been a fan for awhile now, but I had the privilege of seeing you at the Kentucky Opry on July 17, 2021. Now, I’m a REALLY BIG FAN! What an incredible show, you guys are the best thing to happen to country music since Johnny Rodriguez and Merle Haggard. Thank you for keeping real country music alive, it’s in great hand with you guys. I can’t wait until the next time I get to see you perform live.

  3. Just a shout out to thank you for keeping it country. I must say I enjoyed hearing you on the inter net it was the first time I have heard you and with the music being loud and obnoxious these days it is refreshing to listen to you. Hope to hear more. Linda Lee

  4. Thank you Chris for taking time to talk to my husband this afternoon. You made him very happy. We enjoy your music very much

  5. Really enjoy your music . With Taylor,s comedy it is truly special. We watch on u tube as we are in Canada and will probably never see live.

    • Where in Canada are you?

      • bEEN A HUGE FAN SINCE FIRST SAW YOU ON TV…lARRY’S cOUNTRY dINER……..AND FINALLY GOT A CHANCE TO SEE YOU IN Draffenville, ky….at Kentucky Opry last night July 17… was awesome……the fun never ended…husband hoped you’d sing the Marty Robbins song “Getting to you”…but there were no songs you did sing that we didn’t like….enjoyed every minute you were on stage…and your comdey is hilarious…Hope i can come back next July 2, 2022……….

    • Hey, don’t give up on that! Make a road trip to the US and catch one of their shows. It’s a great experience. (Once the border opens up again…)

  6. On may 11th I was diagnosed with prostate cancer , I am the wonder bread salesman here in marshall county ky , i have always been active , well the cancer knocked me down for a few weeks , for those weeks all i could do was set and be miserable, but thanks to YouTube i watched everything you all have on there , I want to thank you for the great music and Taylor’s comedy , I watched you all everyday , it made the time more pleasant , my wife said is that all your gonna watch , yes it was , you all will be in draffenville sat night and we have purchased our tickets , thanks for making cancer not so bad , and yes I am now cancer free , God bless you all

  7. Can’t wait till Sat. night at the Kentucky Opry. Saw you at the Florida State Fair last year. No one can deny you guys are Real Country. You’re love for the music is obvious.

  8. Love, love, love you guys!! It was my first time to see y’all and also my first time at the Lantex Opry in Llano, Tx so I was double Blessed!! Praises to you, your talents, your love and laughter for something y’all are obviously so Passionate about. On the initial downbeat of your first song of the night, I was wishing my mom and dad were alive to hear y’all. Y’alls performance brought me back to life that day and put that extra hope in my skip I been missing for so long and I Gratefully Thank You and your band for that. Y’all are the Best in my book and I look forward to seeing y’all again!!! God Bless y’all for keeping Real Country Music Alive and Well!!

  9. You need to lighten’ up. If you don’t like there performance then don’t watch or listen. There are plenty of us who love these guys just the way they are. No changes in their performances are needed. Move on down the road and leave the true fans alone, PERIOD!!!!!

  10. Hello to The Malpass Brothers,

    I’m hoping this message finds you doing great, having yourselves a very Blessed day!

    My name is Will Vance and I’m with KZHE Radio in Magnolia, Arkansas. We are a traditional, classic hits country radio station.
    Our station reaches parts of Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma. KZHE was recently recognized as 1 of the top 5 country radio stations in the state of Arkansas.

    We play the music you all play.

    And we need you all to send us some of your music.

    We have played a few of your videos on our Facebook pages and we keep getting requests to play your music on the station-we need your music, whatever you can send us, send us-please!!!

    KZHE Radio 100.5 FM
    406 West Union
    Magnolia, Arkansas

    Thank you again for taking the time to read this message, and more importantly, Thank You for Helping Save Country Music!


  11. Love you guys just the way you are! Please don’t change there is always someone that tries to make something out of nothing. I miss seeing you and can not wait until October. Blessings to all of you. Please take care and carry on just the way you are. See you down the road!

    • Absolutely there’s always someone ready to make something out of nothing . The way you are is why you are so successful do not change anything. If some people don’t like it then they can go somewhere else. I have a very successful country entertainer Nephew. And he has gone through the same things but he never let them change him. So hang in there. Love y’all.

      • I agree with the fan thanking you for your showmanship and good hearted fun.  WE LOVE YOU and your shows…fun plays on songs, dancing, joking with each other and the list goes on.  Ya’ll are VERY talented and we are grateful you share your God given abilities with so many of us.  We have been lucky enough to have seen you many times and are excited to bring our brother (for his first time) to your upcoming show in Seguin!!!!!  We have never been disappointed and hope you keep doing everything EXACTLY as you have been doing.  “The show must go on!”  

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