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  1. Hi Chris am Taylor, I’m looking forward to seeing you guys in Asheville on September 21. So what if it’s 250 miles round trip….we would drive more if needed. Love y’all and keep up the REAL COUNTRY MUSIC, the laughter and of course Taylor’s jokes. Oh yes it’s good to see you are going to be in Chattanooga Tenn., Duluth Ga and Carrollton Ga in 2018. I can’t wait to see you scheduled in Franklin NC and Hiawassee GA soon. “We the people” have been requesting you be scheduled at these venues.

  2. I saw you guys on Larry’s Country Diner and again on Country’s Family Reunion. I want to tell you, you guys take my breath away. I grew up on classic country music and I won’t listen to anything else. I believe that today’s “so called country music” is NOT country music. You guys know what TRUE country music is! Could you please tell me how many CDs you have out and what is the easiest way to get your CDs? I like your style, stay the way you are always.
    A True Fan!

  3. I love your music. Any chance of a new gospel cd in the near future? I love Taylor singing River of Jordan. I found it on one of your u-tube videos but now I can’t seem to find it! I listen to your cds every day! I also have you on Spotify. This California fan would love to see your show!!!❤

  4. looking forward to seeing you at Mt Airy again in the fall. Tommy

  5. I love the Malpass Brothers. I saw you guys on Country Diner and on Country Reunion.

  6. Saw you on CFR cruise, and we loved, loved, loved you all’s music!! My question is have you considered recording “I wonder if God likes country music” ?

  7. I first saw you on Larry’s Country Diner and am thoroughly impressed. You’ve mentioned that the Louvin brothers are a great influence on your music and you do them justice. Have you ever considered singing some of the Everly brothers songs? You guys have the harmony and even the hair style (from their earlier days). Don and Phil would be honored and pleased…

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