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  1. I just wanted you to know you gained another new fan…I took my husband in for cataract surgery this morning and of course I had to wait in the car …it was 96 degrees so I had my windows open. I was listening to your CD and your music carried out my windows. There was a fellow waiting for someone, just as I was. He heard your CD and said he loved it and asked who it was. So I said it’s the Malpass Brothers. He had seen you on Larry’s Diner once. He said that he didn’t realize that you were that talented. So, now he’s going to buy one of your CD’s. Isn’t that great?
    I hope to be able to see you Chris and Taylor in the near future. I have a friend in N.C. So maybe if I buy her a ticket to your show, she can show me around and then go see your show.
    Thank you Chris and Taylor for all that you do to keep your fans happy. It hasn’t been easy on any of us.
    God bless you and I pray He will keep you and your families safe and well.
    I love you brothers as if you were my own grandsons.
    Hugs((())) and prayers 🙏 from one of your biggest fans.

  2. Got to see you open up for Merle Haggard I would guess 6 yrs ago at the Wayne cty. fair in Wooster Ohio, what an excellent show, you guys are one of the best things going in country music, can’t wait to get a chance to see you in person again in Shipshewana Indiana hopefully soon, glad your on Larry’s country diner from time to time

  3. Oh I sure do like the music and seeing the Malpass Brothers. Just makes me feel there is good “down home” music artists that can keep this music style alive. Thank You. Sure glad you have been on Larry’s Country Diner so I get to see you in person!!

  4. Please sing The Family Who Prays tomorrow on mini concert on Facebook.
    Will you be playing at the Palatka Bluegrass Festival in the fall?

  5. I think the Malpass Brothers are fantastic.(•‿•)

  6. How about doing an old Hank Williams song “Someday You’ll Call My Name ” This song is not often by anyone and just may be the hit you are looking for

  7. I would like a cd of yours that would have the song “Just Suppose” on it. It’s a favorite that I would play every am on my computer all last winter. Also the one on a cfreunion dvd about This House and Bj the Dj. they are all so good. I can never really find much of your music. Right now you are on Larrys country diner that I have on.

  8. Guys i had never heard of you until my parents introduced me to bluegrass.both parents are now in their eighties and they no longer drive long distances.for the last 4 years i have went with them to see yall in jekyll island georgia
    So along with them u guys have become one of my favorites
    We plan to travel this year to jekyll island.the good lord willing that ma and pa are still with me.there are a couple of songs by aaron tippon which i would love to hear you guys do.they are my blue angel,you have to stand for something and my favorite (kiss this). Please consider trying these. I look forward to seeing u in jekyll island and nmyrtle bch sc
    Sincerely, one of your biggest fans


  10. Yes the Malpass Brothers sang Old lovin Brothers song suppose did they ever record that and if they did how can I get it thank you very much

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