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  1. I love your music. I personally like your gospel music most of all. I have no income. But if you ever record a gospel c.d. please let me know if it is not to mush truble. I will try and barrow the money for that. God bless you and all your travels. Yoy have all my love in Gods name.

  2. Chris and taylor you brother’s are great singers Nashville doesn’t know anything about the real country music such a shame it’s all about the money so sad keep up the great vocals you 2 make that God have you 2

  3. Fantastic show at Centre Hall Pennsylvania. At the Remington Ryde Bluegrass Festival.
    These guys blue everybody out of the water!! Great showmanship and entertaining as well as musically talented!!
    Can’t wait to see them again!!

  4. The Malpass Brothers concert on July 21st in Wake Forest has me all jazzed up!

    Here’s my wish list of MB songs that I hope they’ll play:

    1- Hoping that You’re Hoping
    2- Hello Walls
    3- My Time with Merle
    4- Memory That Bad
    5- Silver Wings
    6- A Death in the Family
    7- I Cant Keep You in Love with Me
    8- Which One is to Blame

    Oh what the heck, maybe they’ll play all of their songs! 😎

    The show will be spectacular regardless of what songs they choose to perform.

  5. You guys are the real deal.You are the first ones i”ve heard sing The great speckled bird with the right Lyricks!

  6. Please come to California. We need some REAL country music here.

  7. Have you guys considered singing the national anthemn at a major sports even, race?

  8. love you buys I have a birthday coming soon and I want to get one of your gospel albums I love your music and that song that is reall fast that Christeokpher sings. would love that one also.

  9. Just got home from the festival in Cherokee. Chris and Taylor Y’all were great as usual. I wanted to say a special THANKS to you for singing Farewell Party, You did a spectacular job, what a way to end your show.

    We will see you in Hiawassee Ga on the 23rd of July.

  10. Heading Home plus the mini concert on UNC TV was great. Enjoyed every minute. Will there be a CD/DVD made of the show. Looking forward to your Palatka concert in November.

  11. Before learning that the TRUE country sound exists in the amazing souls of The Malpass Brothers, I had all but given up on country music. God Bless you!!! and God Bless this Country

  12. Watching tonight on UNC tv. I remember first seeing the Malpass Brothers many years ago at the Big Barn Theatre in Grantham, NC. It is great to see how their talent has grown and how they still have such great enthusiasm in their music. They are truly blessed.

  13. I am watching the Malpass Brothers right now on UNC-TV and I just love them! They sing and play the country songs that I grew up on. I had never heard of them and boy, I have been missing a real treat. They said tonight that they were going to be in Buford, GA the next day so I got on the computer right away to see when but I was too late. They had already been and I didn’t know. I was born and raised in Buford and the only thing I love more than the old time country music is my Lord and Buford, Georgia. I got on their mailing list right away so next time they come close to me, I’ll be there.

  14. Chris and taylor you guys are a class act don’t ever change please come back to ohio i give you guys a plug everywhere my wife and I go love the music you do

  15. love your music, you sang a song on the reunion show once that I loved so much, “Just Suppose” Is it on any of your cds and if so which one because I’d like to have it. Thank you, Linda Stolfus

  16. You guys are GREAT,
    Question; I’d there a listing of the songs contained in each of your CDS?

  17. love what you are doing, keep it up. lookin farward to seeing a show. love the sons like “just suppose”

  18. Chris and taylor you guys are the best please don’t change a thing my wife and I met you guys very polite also i purchased all 4 of your cds great music don’t change a thing I also play guitar and have for 55 years would feel honored to play music with you both i grew up with this kind of music brings back a lot of memories keep up the good work Dave and Charlene arnold

  19. Hi, I see you will be playing in Goldsboro on the 26th. I would like to attend the concert but I have not been able to see a time for this concert. Could you please reply with the time. Thanks….look forward to seeing you.

  20. Saw your show a while ago. You rock!
    From all of us at דפים אכילים לעוגה

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