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  1. looking forward to seeing you back in NC

  2. We really love you and your music. You guys have a great combination like no other. We love the real country music you do. We have been to your shows and I am looking on here for your sechdule for 2019 but haven’t found anything passed March. We are planning our trip and would love to see you again if we can find out where your going to be. Maybe you could put your schedule on here or send the link. Thanks

    • I’m not sure why you cannot see any dates past March, as we have a schedule posted under “Tour”, that has all of our dates through May of 2020. Check again.

  3. Saw you Thursday night in Newberry, SC. Great show.

  4. watched you all on Larrys Country Diner several times. KEEP IT UP, LOVE yall.

  5. My wife and I saw you in concert a couple of years back wish you guys could come to Mansfield ohio we would love to see you perform again we love your music i grew up with that music i have played the guitar for 55 years i am 65 years old love that classic country and gospel music my wife and I are Christians also again love you guys sincerely dave and Charlene Arnold ps my great great uncle was hawkshaw Hawkins i grew up in Columbus ohio and in 1962 saw hawkshaw and pasty cline in concert

  6. We were at your concert last night in Newberry.Great show,I got a picture with you guys.Keep up the great old country music.Please see if you can come to Buffalo the Sportsman’s Tavern.

  7. Saw you last night at Newberry Opera House. Awesome!

  8. I heard the Malpass Brothers on Gospel Family Reunion one Saturday night and they sang
    A song I thought was titled “What If” or something like that. Is it on a CD?

  9. Just seen you for the first time on Larry’s country diner you guys are great love your music. Would love to have your cd’s but all the ones I can find are $88.00 each or more are they really that much?☹

  10. love these guys on larrys country diner,seen them once at a bluegrass festival in pennsylvania,wish they would play more here

  11. Hello,i have been seeing u guys on larry’s country diner..and u guys are great!!.. keep doing it..and write more songs,really like the ones u all write…i’ll be looking for more from u guys…wayne,in texas

  12. Do you have anything against Houston, Texas? Been telling all my friends about your music.

  13. I’ve seen you guys on Larrys Country Diner and you are the greatest thing since sliced bread . I absolutely love your music, the harmony, the wit, Your original and frrsh but yet you have the style of the old time country music I grew up on and still enjoy..Hank,Williams Johnny Cash ,Merle Haggard and so many more.. Keep up the good work and please.. come to Maine sometime,sooner the better.God bless and keep you.

    • I have seen you to night on Larry Dinner and you guys are great. I grew up on the old country music we have lost a lot of great country stars but you guys are keeping it alive thank you. I know your parents are proud of you boys please come to California I only live 4omiles from Sacramento and I would like to see you in person thank you and stay safe.

  14. I would really love for you guys to come to the Paramount Theater in St Cloud Mn.

  15. hi would love to see you come to iowa. , love your guys and your music

  16. Just heard them on Larry’s country diner, I think they sound fantastic look forward to buying their music. Going to try and see them in Branson since I don’t live to far from there.

  17. Is there anyway to get a date in Ky. We love you here and love to come to a show.

  18. Malpass Brothers. Thank God somebody finally decided to sang country music again. Been way too many years since we had true country singers. Boy God bless you and please dont given in to the BIG NASHVILLE MUSIC MACHINE.Remain true to yourselfs and to country music. Wish old George was here to see just who is gonna fill there shoes. Now lets get busy and get real country back on country radio and back in mainstream.

  19. myself & 3 others plan to be in Godfry Il 3-3-19 to see your show- 3 hr trip.
    i have a jacket that i want signed. will there be a chance to do that

  20. We look forward to see y’all in New Berry, SC on the 14th.

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