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  1. Hello. I would like to buy your new CD “Live at the Paramount Theatre” but can’t find it on the Store page. Please advise. Thanks!

  2. Just recently saw these guys in Burlington and it was my third time seeing their show and am planning to see more this year. They are so down to earth and am happy to see they are bringing back the traditional country music. Hope they record a gospel CD in the future.

  3. My husband and i saw u two on the Larrys dinner cruise, we love your classic country music,I recently got your Memory That Bad cd just love it. After a few times played it speeds up on the first two songs. Would love another any many more to come. dont know if its right to return it. love u, keep up the good work, Love those RFD shows also. Grafton,Wisconsin

  4. Love to hear you sing “just suppose” will you ever have it on a cd, that song is beautiful.

  5. I too have been a fan of these guys and anyone who preserves classic country music. Lately have been watching the Voice & American Idol on TV. I am encouraged that some young kid auditions with THE REAL COUNTRY MUSIC sound. There is still hope for our kind of music

  6. I have just ran across these fellows music and can hardly contain myself from the joy they bring. I make a stab at singing some gospel and country music but am not good enough to be professional and have been so sad to see some much traditional music gone by the wayside. I think of George Jones song ” who’s gonna fill their shoes” – I think I now know- the Malpass brothers- God Bless you- hope I can see you in person one day

  7. Looking forward to seeing you in concert in Statesboro, GA on Mar 22. My childhood friend, Brad Baggett said to tell you hi!

  8. Love the Malpass Brothers. Great to know there are some young country singers carrying on the traditional country.

  9. Was wondering about the song that has the line ” love is a lonely street” is that the title of the song I’d like to get the CD that has that song and OL’ WHAT’S HER NAME AND I JUST DONT LIKE LOVING YOU.

  10. I saw you guys on Larry’s Country Diner and I fell in LOVE with you two. I’m 80 years old and originally from Maryville, Tn., now living in Savannah, Ga.. I have googled everything I can find on your family. Love that your Father plays with you some times. Chris, you have the MOST BEAUTIFUL wife and son!!! Praying that I will be able to see you in concert soon.. Praying for CONTINUED SUCCESS for you guys… I LOVE COUNTRY MUSIC. I know you’ve heard Alan & George sing “Murder on Music Row”. That song is so very true…❤️❤️❤️ You guys and keep doing what you are doing. 🙏🙏🙏

  11. is your song “Just Suppose” on any of your cds, I just love listening to it and all your music also.

  12. I plan on being in Wallahalla,SC on May 4th and would love to hear El Paso City (Marty Robbins) and/ or Johnny Hortons Battle of New Orleans….Y’all could have a lot of fun with that one…The show in Newberry SC was great…

  13. Would love to hear you sing My Baby’s Gone by the Louvin Brothers… Love that song , and would love it sung by you. I’ve just found you on here, and love your music, and your voices. Definitely a fan, and I’ve got my friend to be a fan, as she loves the classics as much as me.

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