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  1. We saw you in Shipshewana on Tuesday and let me tell you – it was a blast! Your band is amazingly talented and all joking aside, we really love your dedication to keeping country COUNTRY, and celebrating where it all started. We would love to hear some of your original shows when you come back, because I can guarantee you will see us there when you come back to Shipshewana! We appreciate you taking time to get a picture and sign our CD we bought too. You have fans for life in us! We were the youngest people there, sadly it seems like people our age just don’t appreciate the real music, but WE DO! Not only that, but we also truly appreciate your faith and love for God, which is evident in everything you guys do…….Thank you for a wonderful time.

  2. Love see ya’ll at Harrah’s in Cherokee, N.C. love me some Malpass Brothers. Ya’ll are awesome!

  3. Tried to watch the CMA awards tonight..what a joke! So glad we have tickets for the show at the Dunn Center to get our heads straightened out about what real country is about. Keep up the great work. See you there..

    • Please contact Dwane Hall at The Sportsman’s Tavern and Park,in Buffalo NY, for a future gig..Dale Watson,,Amber Digby,Haybale,and Bill Kirchen,are just a few of the country stars to appear hear this past year. We would love to have you!

  4. I love you guys! You’ve got it all, great singing and playing, country and gospel music, and country humor that had us rolling in the aisles! Will send you my CD SWEETHEART OF THE RODEO (PARODY ALBUM).

  5. Coming to see you in Tyler Thursday August1. Hope your playlist includes some Louvin Brothers. Heard you do “When I stop Dreaming” on RFD TV and it was a knockout

  6. Is there a Malpass Brothers fan club?

    • Been following you guys for several years now. First saw you in Benson, NC . Keep up the good work – hope to see you again soon.

  7. you guys are like a breathe of fresh air. taped your family reunion #7 and listen to it almost every day. cris I am trying to figure out how you sing and smile at the same time??????? love you guys and your music is what all country music should sound like. you are really going to be the hottest act in country music. hope you will come to Louisville, ky sometime

  8. Love your music! Come to Arkansas!

  9. Your music is great……yeah that’s the way I like for it to sound. I could listen to it 24/7…….that’s the way it used to be here…..I wasn’t ready for it to change when it did. You guys do a super job …..keep up the great work…..please……you restore my faith in singers and plckers

  10. Drove 500 miles roundtrip to see you in Queen city only to find out your flight was cancelled. Could not get tickets when you were in Godfrey. Whats the problem.

  11. Any chance you will show up at an additional venue in Nashville following your taping on July 24?

  12. I love the Malpass brothers music and have about worn out Country Famil Reunion show number 7 old stars and new. Once before I heard them song Chris wrote about Part Time Star and I can’t find it can you tell me if they ever recorded it

  13. Listening to your music from Frankston, Victoria, Australia and loving the music

  14. Just recently saw the band in Goldsboro and they are really good.

  15. loved your show in ohio on micky mt.bluegrass jamboree,keep up good work,see you on july 3 in centre hall pa at remington ryde bluegrass jamboree

  16. Howdy from Greenville NC. (grew up in Bailey NC). I deeply enjoyed the show at RA Fountain General Store in Fountain NC tonight. You guys make me feel right at home! So talented. Thank you so much for wishing my dear friend Gaynell a happy birthday. I enjoyed watching her soul so tickled when you sang happy birthday to her. God bless you!

  17. Hello from Sand Springs Okla. I have really enjoyed your act on-line, and followed from time to time. I have a song that I would like for you to try out.
    How to I get the song to you.
    W. Crafts

  18. We have seen ya’ll several times and can’t tell you how much we love the way you keep country music “country”. Please keep doing lots of Merle Haggard, and old country songs! We are from Mooresville,N.C. and so we can understand everything you say!!! Hope to see you next time.

    • You guys are great, while I haven’t seen you in person yet, I hope to see you in Arlington TX in August. I live in Fort Worth now, but was raised around the Greensboro NC area. Would love to meet you in person in Arlington if it can be arranged. I am a Retired Air Force vet 90 years old.

  19. G’day Chris and Taylor your music is just brilliant I listen to it every day. I too play guitars and sing. Really love the song you do “hoping that your hoping” on country road. I think there should be more of the older songs revived these days and you guys do a brilliant job. I’ll always follow your music it’s just awesome
    If ever you tour Australia I’ll be there for sure you would be huge over here. Ps hope to send you some of my songs soon.
    Love your your music fellas
    All the best
    Sam Elliot
    Cann river
    Victoria Australia 3890

  20. Saw you for the first time at the Little Roy and Lizzie Bluegrass Fest after Ricky Scaggs said he was sorry he would miss your show- you are awesome! Immediately bought tickets for your Carrollton Ga show in June. Loved your Merle! Do you play Silver Wings or Sally Let Your Bangs Hang Down? Can’t wait to see you!

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