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  1. I saw you guys in Hiawassee this past weekend at Landfest and I thoroughly enjoyed your music, Taylor’s jokes and language skills, and Chris’s moves! You and your band are seriously great musicians and it’s wonderful that you’re bringing country classics back for all generations to enjoy. I know you guys are headed for super stardom and I look forward to attending more shows. Thank you for such a great time!

  2. Love your music! I am Doris Curtis’ sister from the Pocono’s in Pa. Doris and Don go to see you every chance they can. My husband George and I would love to see you…if and when we ever get to N.C. You guys are absolutely great. Take care!

  3. Could I get an address to mail a letter to? My mom does not do computers. She has some old Louvin Brothers records. (From the 1960’s)

  4. Watched you both tonight on Larry’s Country Diner-too bad you don’t get to sing more. We have seen you on other shows and pulled up all the YouTube videos we can find. We just never tire of your performances. It really shows that you both enjoy singing and playing. Thanks big time for sharing your talent.

  5. Saw you first on The Diner, loved you from the start. The so called country music played today is a joke. Chris, you and Taylor are the real deal. The traditional country music. Have been at Land Fest in Hiawassee, GA September 14, 2019, the show was fabulous and the crowd loved you. The only thing with the show is you sang a song on the diner that you wrote that I wished you had sang. I do not remember the title, but loved the song. Will check your tour schedule and when you are close to us (Mississippi), we plan to make the concert. Keep doing what you do and may God bless.

  6. Just saw you on Larry’s Country Dinner. Your new, young bass player has a “spot” on his nose. Has he had this checked for skin cancer?


  7. Love these guys, a breath of fresh of fresh air for country music. I just wish they would come out to the West Coast.

  8. First time we saw you guys was on Larry’s Country Diner. You guys are fantastic!! We have three of your albums and love them all. Just checked your tour dates and noticed most of them are in the south. We live in upstate NY. About 30 miles from the Canadian border. Just wanted to let you know that we know what country music is way up here too. We have actually been listening to it for years. We would love to see more country acts come up this way. We would appreciate it if you would pass the word around. We don’t get the opportunity to see too many good country shows up this way. Thanks so much for your great music!!

    • I am one of the Malpass Brother’s biggest fan. Saw them for the first time on Larry’s Country Diner then was fortunate to be on CFR cruise. Have seen them since in Branson and would love to see them many more times. They are great entertainers and great singers but they are just good ole boys in person. I sit and listen to them on YouTube every night plus I have 3 of their cds that I’ve about worn out. This is the kind of music that I love and was raised on. Keep up the good work and singing. Y’all were awesome on Larry’s tonight.

      On Thu, Sep 12, 2019, 8:19 PM The Malpass Brothers wrote:

      > Ruth Palmer commented: “First time we saw you guys was on Larry’s Country > Diner. You guys are fantastic!! We have three of your albums and love them > all. Just checked your tour dates and noticed most of them are in the > south. We live in upstate NY. About 30 miles from the Canadi” >

  9. My dad loves your music and has told his other 75 year old friends. He first saw you on Larry’s Country Diner previously and saw you again tonight. Absolutely love your sound.

  10. Just watched you on Larry’s Country Diner on RFD TV. You fellas are great. You love the music and it is apparent when you sing. I am a country girl from the Hudson Valley of New York State…lots of country music fans up here in the north. My oldest son plays bass guitar in a group call 90 Proof. Keep singing and playing….

  11. I am 80 years old, and became a country music fan late in life, and the first time I saw you fellas was on Larry’s Diner. I gather that you have been around a while, and to me you are a breath of fresh air. I no longer watch or listen to country music. I do not see anything country about it. To me you are what real country music is all about, keep up the great work, and the best to you!

  12. Have been wanting to see these guys but when they have been in PA something else is already on our calendar. Maybe 2020 will be the year.

  13. Me and my husband seen you guys at Grapeland Bluegrass, yall are awesome. We also watch you guys every time you are on Larry”s Country Diner. Keep the good country music alive. I think that you guys was who George Jones would be proud that you guys are filling their shoes.

  14. I am amazed with your style. Love your music. Ya’ll are awesome! I live close to ya’ll, live in Raleigh,NC .just on the other side of Clayton,NC.

  15. I saw you on Larry’s Diner one night and you sang a song which I thought was titled “What if” but I can’t find it in the stores. In the song it tells of a woman that didn’t go to church because her child might cry and disrupt the service. Then continues what if God took that child or something to that effect. What is the name of that song and is it recorded by the Malpass Brothers?

  16. You guys are the greatest singers I have heard. I wish you would record a CD of the Louvin Brothers top songs. I also wish you would record a Cd of all duets. You guys have such great harmony. I have some of your CDs and they are great.

  17. I wish I could see you boys you are fantastic. I live in the uk I come from Robin Hood country a place called Nottingham. I wish I could see you.any way keep doing what you are love you boys.🌹

  18. Gentlemen
    I had the great pleasure of seeing y’all in Waco a few weeks ago, what a great show. I know you will always remember Waco Texas because I’m sure it is and will be the only place where y’all actually got to see a man “flip his wig”.
    Keep up the good work!! And thank Larry Black for introducing y’all to us.
    Craig H
    Brenham, Texas

  19. My wife and I attended your performance last year at the Palace Theater in Crossville, TN. We enjoyed the show very much. I noticed that you are scheduled to return November 15th. I just want to thank you that although you are now famous that you are willing to come to our little town. We hope to see you again in November.

  20. I loved seeing your performance at the Lakes Bluegrass Festival in Pine River, MN. Wish it could have gone on longer. I love your music and so happy to meet you. How nice of you to take time to sign CD’s and take a picture. Hope you come back.

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