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  1. Left a message/question for Taylor in their “Messenger Box” on Facebook. Please let him know so he can read it & reply with an answer. Thanks.

  2. I think y’all should add “The Tennessee Flat Top Box”, bet it would be GREAT

  3. I have been following the Malpass Brothers for some time, I am always lifted up when I hear them singing. I received a copy of The Malpass Brothers Heading Home for Christmas, looking forward to watching it. I hope to attend a couple of their shows the coming year, 2020.

  4. Ran across the brothers on Youtube.
    Very refreshing that they’re keeping old school country music alive.Im a musician as well and I try to do the same on our shows.
    The brothers have GREAT Harmony and a Great sense of humor.
    Their song “I Don’t Like Loving You Anymore” is one of those I wish I’d written.I sing it all day long!

  5. I’m watching The Brothers on Songs of The Mountains 👍 and I Like There Music 🙂… Cool Brothers and Thier Band Jam! I’m a Fan 👍…

  6. You guys are refreshing and talented. Good luck in your careers.

  7. When oh when are The Malpass Brothers going to record a Louvin Brothers tribute album? They do such a great job covering the Louvin’s songs on TV shows like “Larry’s Country Diner” and “Country’s Family Reunion” that it is finally time to get serious and put them on an album. I want to hear a Malpass Brothers version of songs like “Great Atomic Power” and “I Like The Christain Life”, and “Hopin’ That You’re Hopin” as seen on TV. The hardest part would be picking just a handful of somgs to cover from such a large library of great tunes. Come on Malpass Brothers, it’s time to get down to business Louvin’ Brothers style! (lol)

  8. I wish I could be in Myrtle Beach to see you on Saturday. We have a house at the Beach, but can’t make it down this weekend. I sure will miss seeing your show. 💕💕

  9. Hope u-all will put a john prine song in a concert. he’s the one who first wore his hair the way u 2 do. keep up the good work!!!

  10. I just discovered you guys about 10 days ago and it’s so blessed good, I want to cry! There is no one doing what you are doing…singing actual country music. The vocals, the simplicity of the instruments, the harmonies…I can’t get enough of it! For the life of me, I cannot understand why people tolerate listening to the pop nonsense on “country” radio today. The synthesized sounds, the pretend accents, and the overplayed drums are something…just not country music. Keep doing what you’re doing and I’ll keep doing what I’m doing…telling everyone I can about the Malpass Brothers!

  11. I will be at the Dec 5th sow at the Carolina Theater. I will be with my parents who have been married going on 60 years now. A shout out to Charles and Betsy Hayes of Christiansburg, Virginia would be great. They are devout Christians, the proud parents of three successful children, and have a pet bird named “Bumpy”. Thanks in advance for your kind consideration. I hope you both get better soon.

  12. Got to see you in concert in Fishersville Va,,AWESOME is all I can say. I hope for more of your visits here in Va Got me a CD and pictures and may I say you two made my day,Got to have some conversation with Taylor,what a guy….,,Betty Sistrunk

  13. They are great and handsome too I just love Taylor

  14. We just saw you at the Llano Opry in Llano, TX and I absolutely love you guys. You performed a wonderful show and my 11 year granddaughter told me she couldn’t wait to see you again. The music you play touches by heart bringing back memories so sweet and it also brings me back to when country music was actually country. I bought a couple of CDs and I love your original music as much as the other songs you play. You guys have a ton of talent. I was especially impressed by how good Taylor’s Spanish was when he sang his part on Before the Next Teardrop Falls. I live in Texas where there are a lot of Spanish speaking people and I must say that his version was very unique. Also please keep up your gospel music and you might want to consider performing at least one gospel song at every show. Keep up the great work and I wish you a world of success. Tammy Clausen

  15. Hello,

    I will be attending my second Malpass Bros show on Dec 5th at the Carolina Theatre. My Dad and Mom have been big fans or a while. They have watched you on Larry’s Country Diner in there home town of Christiansburg, VA. My parents have been married for over 40 years, and my father has survived follicular lymphoma with the help of God. A shout out to Charles and Betsy Hayes of Christiansburg ,VA would be a Hppy celebration of their long marriage, and their enthusiasm for your music. God Bless.

  16. I have enjoyed the Malpass Brothers so much. They sing from the heart and its all country.I keep up with them on Larrys country diner. Love to hear them sing. I get the Country Diner news paper and saw where Taylor and his wife just welcomed a beautiful baby boy to the family. I would love to send a gift for the baby. Please let me know where to send it. Thanks and keep on singing those great songs. Love it

  17. We finally got to see you at the music festival in Fishersville VA on Nov 1, and the show was awesome! Your talent and genuine connection with the audience was obvious and appreciated. On our travels we usually listen to Willies Roadhouse on the radio, and on the way back home my wife commented that those singing on the radio sound just like the Malpass Brothers. What a coincidence! Thanks for sharing your talents.

  18. When are you going to be in the Seattle area? Enjoy your music and commentary

  19. Hey, I saw you guys for the first time in Lancaster PA a few weeks ago. I love the old music and your performance. I would like to offer you a couple of my original songs which I think would fit well in your song lineup. They are country/bluegrass with a good message. I can email you a digital version if you’d like. I grew up in Memphis and have been writing songs for about 20 years. Have written about 150 songs and about 20 or so of them are quite good. I’ve performed them live in various venues with good results.
    Keep up the great music—you are headed for the top!

  20. Love you guys since first seeing you. You are great -very talented and Christian as well. SOOOOO good to have you out there doing the Lord”s work in such an easily receivable way. Keep it up. And say a big THANK YOU to those beautiful ladies you are married to because it’s not easy having you guys on the road so much. Love the Louvin music you do and everything else for that matter. You are a blessed duo and a blessing to all who get to hear you. Thanks so much for your hard work. Keep it fun. Linda Griffin. Boerne Tx

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