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  1. Love listening to both of you and I have only seen you on Larry’s Country Diner. I usually save them so I can watch them allot. My favorite so far is “I JUST DON’T LIKE LOVING YOU ANYMORE.

  2. Recently I’ve been to several concerts at “drive-ins”, which went very well. Have y’all considered doing that? I know there are several around NC including one in Henderson. Would love to see you alive again soon.

  3. Absolutely love you guys. How do I send monetary gift

    • Hi Kelly!
      Virtual donations can be made at, or by mail. The mailing address is P.O. Box 4, Hurdle Mills, NC 27541. If you’re sending your monetary gift by m ail, please make checks payable to The Malpass Brothers. Thank you so much for your support!

  4. hey! I got your cd yesterday,Memory That Bad,played it 3 times today,and love it!really enjoyed seeing you all on Larry’s country that old school country!

  5. I seen you guys in Branson oct 2020. You guys are great. I’m addicted. Fan forever. God bless your careers and family

  6. We just returned from a trip to Branson to see you guys. We have been followers of yours since the first time you played at Salmon Lake. We love hearing your music so much, we have booked both times for your upcoming show in Sequin. Can’t wait to hear your wonderful voices again!!

  7. what can you say other then they are great there are pure country . and they are so funny too but most of all . we were at larry,s country mon. the 5th and the6th of oct. and boy did they puton a show i just love them i am a 81 year old greatgrand ma and i,ve been all over to see them and i will at the clostest consert that is buy me love you guys

  8. I wish the Malpass brothers would make it out the pacific northwest, we have all sorts of blue grass festivals out here. seen you guys on Larry’s country diner and now I listen to you on youtube.

  9. Real country music is not dead so long as the Malpass Brothers keep it going. You guys are awesome. Take good care of that amp, Taylor. She’s a special one and can’t wait to see “ol blue” in a future video. God bless America and God bless the Malpass Brothers band!

  10. We had the opportunity to see you on October 5th and 6th, 2020 in Branson!!! Y’all are amazing!! Having Tony Booth on stage with you was wonderful!! We laughed so hard with you and Wilson Fairchild and Teea Goans and the rest of the Larry’s Country Diner gang!! What a hoot!! Thank you, Taylor, for coming out to our bus to visit! We were with the Heart of Texas Records group with Tracy Pitcox. We just bought our tickets to see you in Brady, TX on November 7th. We are so excited!! Charlie and Laura Robinson

  11. Do the Malpass Brothers have an album for sale with Just Suppose on it?

  12. I first heard u guys in Jekyll island Georgia. Ever since then I have been one of your biggest fans. I’m from North Carolina also. I plan
    to take my elderly parents 83and85 years young to Jekyll island for New Year’s Eve. . I would love to hear you guys do “kiss this” by Aaron Tippin.i think with the way Chris and tater cut up on stage, they could really pull this song off. Sure hope to hear it at Jekyll island this year.

  13. Dear Chris and Taylor I am 77 years old and a couple of years ago I saw you on Larrys Diner and I am one of your biggest fans. I am unable to walk but any time I hear you two boys I could just jump on collator and roll any where in my Imagination just listening you boys sing. I wish I could see you in person cause I think you are two of the coolest cats in Country Music today .Congrats on the Babies. I forgot I LOVE THE HAIR. Do you send out autograph Pictures if you do I sure would love one to hang up. My address is Betty Rose 2141 Sowell Mill Pike Columbia, Tn 38401. You guys just keep making that good music and as long as I’m alive I will be your biggest fan.

  14. I saw you last night at Denton Farm Park for Doyle Lawson’s Festival.
    You guys were AWESOME!! I spoke to your Dad as he walked through
    the crowd and asked him if you might do a Louvin Brothers Gospel
    song. You did some Louvin songs on the 2nd set and I want to Thank You!
    I hope to see you again soon in person. Wow, What a show you put on.

  15. They are very entertaining and good clean fun they are what country should sound

  16. I saw y’all several years ago opening for Merle Haggard in Biloxi, MS and I thought you guys were just GREAT!!! I did not catch your names and did not find out who you were until now. Looking forward to catching one of your shows again real soon. Love your back to the country roots traditional style of country music.

  17. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TYLOR, from Michigan

  18. Hi. Saw y’all 8 pm concert yesterday at Newberry Opera house. Wanted to see if Taylor feels better. Was concerned he didn’t feel well. Show was great. Chris and band did an awesome job. Disappointed Landfest cancelled but know y’all will be there in 2021. Chris and wife, congratulations on the little girl expected spring 2021.

  19. Yesterday saw the Malpass Brothers at the Newberry Opera House, Newberry SC….Great show! Love these guys!

  20. Just got my first MB CD yesterday (the self-titled one). In the first five seconds listening to it I thought, “Now this is going to be REAL country music.” I LOVE it! About to get the next one.

    • I was introduced to The Malpass Brothers in Franklin NC in 2016. I was hooked! In 2017, I moved to Arizona. When I saw you were going to perform in Wickenburg, AZ, in March, 2020, you have no idea how excited I was! I bribed my brother and sister-in-law to take me to your show. They are not country music fans, so I was a little afraid of their reaction to your music. Turns out my they both enjoyed you brothers so much but, what I didn’t know, my brother is a great fan of bluegrass! He absolutely loved Rhonda Vincent, who also performed that night! They both enjoyed the show every bit as much as I did!
      Now, I am moving back to North Carolina. I plan to be near Jacksonville, and I’ve already been watching your upcoming schedules. I can’t wait for to to have a show somewhere. I will bring my granddaughter and great-grandsons to meet you his time. Please, please hurry and schedule a show soon! I can’t wait for the next one!

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