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  1. Any plans on coming out out to California for a concert? I’m trying to expand your fan base in addition I’ve never seen you live in person.

  2. Love you guys and enjoy your shows so much. Please come back to Texas. We saw you’ll twice in Sequin and at the Hippodrome in Waco, Salmon Lake and Bellville.

  3. Saw you guys for the 1st time at Florida State Fair in Feb. 2020. Love the sound. Easy to see why Merle wanted you to open for him.
    Please don’t change to the new pop sound. Classic country NEVER gets old.
    Dale Sabie

  4. We love you guys shows, We’ve seen more than a dozen and never been disappointed. Look forward to seen a lot more.
    Know you get this all the time, but there is a little band from England , “The Discoveries” couple of young guys front it. Guitar, stand up bass, and drums. Rockabilly sound, but think they could handle most anything. Don’t know how this could happen but think if they could go on tour with ya’ll they would really compliment you. Anyways ya’ll keep on keeping on !!!
    Looking forward to seeing you next time you are near.

  5. Have you guys ever been to Canada. Would love to see you in Alberta

  6. I thought I was the only one still living to he good ole music i grew up with.
    Y’all are awesome

  7. Think they are the best. Saw them in Branson last oct was a great show. Can’t wait to see them again

    • Chris and Taylor hope all is well been seeing people ask about you Daddy, Joe and the bus, What is going on hope everything is ok. If Lord will we will be in Dublin March 18, 2021 to see you all can’t wait. Will try an have you some morning glory muffin. Whitt will not get to go so we have got to have a sing hat from you all to him PLEASE. He loves you guy so much and wans to go but it is a school night. God Bless and stay safe on the rod is our prayer for you all.

  8. how is your daddy and i hope he do fine

  9. Chris and Taylor,

    Your music is my absolute favorite.
    I just finished watching your video heading home and if there is one thing I could say about you both is I want to be your friend.
    You are both amazing people, thank you for what you are doing for real country music.

  10. Make sure you bring a lot of them toboggan hats when you come to Columbia TN on Saturday, February 6, 2021…’s fixin’ to get colder than a well-digger’s nose in the Klondike and we’ll be needin’ a few of them to stay warm. 🥶

  11. I grew up on Merle Haggard, George Jones, Faron Young. Truly love your singing and traditional country music sound

  12. Hi,
    Love your music.
    Hope to see you in Hopewell VA.
    How about “Dim Lights, Thick
    Smoke and Loud, Loud Music.”
    Written and recorded by Joe
    Maphis and Rose Lee. Long time
    Members of Old Dominion Barn
    Dance in Richmond.

    • Your music is great. Love your stage presence. Cause its the real deal. Don’t know when I’ll see y’all again. But I know I’ll enjoy it when I do.

  13. We love your music and the fact that you boys aren’t letting GREAT country music die. We just ordered your CDs and look forward to hearing them. By the way, my husband is a bus driver and if you ever need one, he’d be more than happy and willing to be your driver.

  14. You boys are the best singers and Taylor you are great
    Love from Canada wish you were here

  15. I am not sure how to get hold of you. I just received a CD of yours on 1/27/21 and the post office told me that there was 3.65 postage due. I am not upset about that. I am looking forward to listening to your music.. I first saw you on the D & V Show and enjoyed your music.

  16. Coming to Jackson Tennessee to see you. Expect ing a hug. I’m old but love your music! Love the gospel music. I pray for your wives and children. God bless ! See you February the 5 in Jackson 😊🙏

  17. I enjoy the music you guys play the true country music not the stuff you hear today .Looking forward to seeing you guys in Columbia Tn on the 6th of Feb .And hope to get a chance to meet you . Be safe in your travels and we will pray for you all.

  18. Loving you guys! Just ordered a t-shirt. Can’t wait to get it! Have y’all ever sung “Talk Back Trembling Lips” or “Long Black Veil”?

  19. Suggestion: I Heard The Bluebird Sing
    Please and thank you~

  20. I just caught your act on the D&V show. I’m up the road near Roanoke, VA. I hope I can see you live when life gets back to normal. I enjoyed your music!

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