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  1. Dear Malpass Brothers,

    I must admit – I’m disappointed in your performance this evening. Perhaps I’m new to your band, but I was shocked to hear multiple racist and disparaging jokes at your concert in Galax. Why on earth you would need to make fun of Asians and Mexicans in your classic country set? I was with a family who was literally at a loss for words. It’s 2021, I encourage you to use your brand and talents positively and to spread human decency. What you did tonight seemed cruel and clueless to the fact that someone other than a white person might enjoy your music. Love and learn, live and learn. Best of luck going forward. I do hope you take the time to think about what you consider appropriate stage banter. Based off your talents, I truly believe you are smarter than this.

    All the best,

    • Shocked so much you apparently have forgotten your name.

    • So sry you feel this way. If you had listened Taylor actually was making fun of himself by not knowing how to speak Spanish and claiming he did. We always try to make ourselves look stupid not anyone else. Apparently you have never seen comedy or you would understand it’s not directed towards anyone. Thanks for your attendance.

    • So sry you feel this way. If you had listened Taylor actually was making fun of himself by not knowing how to speak Spanish and claiming he did. We always try to make ourselves look stupid not anyone else. Apparently you have never seen comedy or you would understand it’s not directed towards anyone. Thanks for your attendance.

      • Well said. Stay true to yourselves. God bless

      • Hello

        Just wanted to respond to comment left concerning the Malpass Brothers making fun of Mexicans, Spanish people etc….

        I attended their show earlier this year at a different venue and saw the exact same routine. It did NOT make fun of any ethnic group or people. As stated in their response it actually was making fun of Taylor himself for trying to speak Spanish. The routine was funny and I loved it. The Malpass Brothers are a terrific band and provide you with wholesome family oriented entertainment. In this day and age they are quite a refreshing change from your other entertainment choices out there. I recommend going to see their show anytime. You will NOT be disappointed or offended in anyway. You WILL be entertained by good music and have a GREAT time!

      • He actually said he never spoke “Mexican” and used a fake Asian accent multiple times – anyways, y’all are obviously a few crayons short. If you’re so proud of your humor. I’ll make sure Gretsch and other sponsors get a video of your comedy set. Good luck.

        • Again we are sry you feel this way and hope only the best for you and all who attended our concerts. Would love to know who we are talking with so we can Apologize. Thanks again and God bless

          • Hi Malpass Bros.,
            You owe no apology. There is ALWAYS someone that will take something “they perceive” and make it into a racist situation and run with it. Take care of yourselves and continue the good music!

        • By your comment, I’m guessing you are quite young. Your “threat” regarding sponsors confirms it. Back in the day, comedy was a part of many musical performances. Thankfully, with some bands it still is. I do hope they NEVER think of changing their stage banter. These guys are retro, not millenials.

    • Please please please don’t stop what you are doing you haven’t affended no one and are no racist we love what you you will loose more fans by not doing these kind of songs don’t listen to those people who think you should not do these kind of songs just seen you boys in Center Hall pa at Remington Ryde Jamboree loved your show keep up good work!!

  2. Just want y’all to know that y’all have to carry the torch for really old tradition country music and it sounds good keep up the good work and tell Johnny not to give me no crap about my comments because I never leave any one comment

  3. Is there a promo code for the July 8 show? My mother in law really wants to see you again.

  4. Heard you guys day shortly after Jimmy Copps died that you ?were in the process of recording a new CD. Do you have an update on this?

  5. In April I ordered a CD from you’all and played it 5 or 6 times. Your music is great. But the CD acts like its worn out. Do you have any suggestions. I can send it back so you can check it out. I am willing to order another CD. Just let me know what to do. Thanks and me and my wife love you all on Larry country Diner.

  6. Thank you so much for honoring my request to sing ?Medals for Mothers” for my mom. She was really touched.

  7. Love the music of the Malpass Brothers enjoy listening and watching you guys are addicting hard to quit after just one song love hearing the songs I grew up listening to done so well also love your originals

  8. My mother is sickly and is in love with your version of just suppose can I purchase this for her ? I’ve looked thur the 4 cd’s on your page and its not listed thanks

    • This song is going to be on our new project. However, you can hear our recording of it on an episode of Country’s Family Reunion, Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting by searching for it on YouTube. Thoughts and prayers for your mother.

    • I don’t know where you can purchase it, but it’s on You Tube. Hope your mom feels better soon.

  9. Just recently saw you for the first time on Song of the Mountains on PBS and really enjoyed it. Liked the pedal steel with the group too. I went on the Merchandise page on your website tonight and attempted to purchase a CD and a DVD but from what I have been able to tell it was not working and the sale did not go through. I tried again and saw a message that there was a problem adding the items i selected. Is the site working? Are you just out of the items? Hope to be able to see you in live performance at some point in the future. This was the only point of contact I could find.

  10. Thanks y’all for eating with us at Granny’s Kitchen! I was so excited when y’all stopped by! Love y’all’s music! Hope y’all enjoyed your time in Cherokee, NC.

  11. Went to the show at fountain,nc Friday night. It blew me away. They are very outstanding boys. Love to listen to them and would see them again.

  12. Oh wow, I knew y’all were going to be awesome!! Saw you for the first time at Cherokee today June 10th. You were amazing…we loved the Spanish rendition you did and then the switching places. Looking forward to seeing you at the Georgia State Fair in September. Keep up the good work!!! Love you. 💗

  13. When will y’all be performing again with Wilson Fairchild? The 4 of you are so entertaining!

  14. Love your music. Funny and TRUELY entertaining. Keep up the great work.

  15. You guys need to make Lizzy and Little Roy come do a show in Eastern Carolina

  16. Just read a ton of the comments by your fans, and I’m in total agreement! As a traditional country musician, I appreciate your “keepin’ it country” and love your skill with your instruments and vocals. We all loved your humor, to! Are your neighbors sad, or glad when y’all hit the road?? Anyway, you were a fantastic hit in Sellersville, PA, last night. PLEASE don’t let the lack of rowdy-ness of the crowd make you think we had any reaction less that absolute LOVE for what your band did. Most of us are old, and need our Depends to last the entire concert. Please come back to Sellersville! This part of the USA knows almost nothing of traditional country music, but when they hear it, they just love it. So, come back when this covid stuff is fully calmed down, and we’ll pack that theater for you. OH, and we really appreciate your gospel numbers, too. NEVER leave Jesus out. God bless!

  17. Guys my name is Barry Brake and I absolutely love your music. Its phenomenal that your keeping true to your heart and keeping Classic Country alive. I have my own Classic Country band, STILL KICKIN’ COUNTRY. I cut my teeth if you will on the same music that we are so earnestly trying to keep alive. Your so right about the ones that paved the way for us should be honored. I’m a major Haggard fan and we play a lot of his music. Get a chance, check us out on facebook. Also absolutely love your song l just don’t like loving you anymore. Get a chance would love to hear from you guys. Thanks

  18. Looking forward to the Malpass Brothers at the Sellersville Theatre. If it’s possible to put in a request for my 88 year old mother..She likes Befoe the Next Teardrop Falls…If they could possibly play it, it will make her happy..

  19. Do you guys ever come to west central Wisconsin? We don’t travel much, but if you’re ever in our area, we would LOVE to see you. We love 💘 your old style country music.

    • At this time the Malpass Brothers have no plans for Wisconsin – that may change in 2022. HOWEVER – they will be playing the Minnesota State Fair this year. Keep an eye out for the “official” announcement!

  20. do you guys ever meet with fans after shows? Would love to see you guys in concert and be able to get a photo and say hello!

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