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  1. I saw you guys one night at TX Roadhouse. Taylor kept having to tell the host his name because it was so crowded and loud, Love you guys!!! Keep up the good work! Do some Porter Wagoner songs if you can. LOVE the recitation, Something not heard much anymore, God Bless You

  2. Drove 10 hours from Talladega, AL to Branson, MO to see a FANTASTIC show by The Malpasse Brothers. My dad, who just turned 83, and mom, enjoyed them so much! Got autographs and pictures made with them after the show! Awesome! Look forward to seeing you and the band again real soon! Love good old traditional Country Music!

  3. So I’m on Facebook a lot! Besides you guys and Kody Norris and his group, country now sucks! Today I saw that this Jamie guy was asked to be on the Opry! The Opry has sold out years ago. The acts are terrible and the so called talent is now called NEW country and they stink. I emailed Kody, now you and want you to know as a fan, your music is the real deal. You guys know that! After listening to Connie or Bill or JAenne, Riders in the Sky, Jesse, Del McCourey, theres not much left. I click off the radio portion of the Opry unless REAL artists are on. I know theres a new wave but the Opry sold out. I’m glad you get on Larry’s Diner, trying to get you on Woodsongs! Keep up the great work and hope you find your way closer to Buffalo NY some day!

    • Amen to Joe Zee comments…. Ou daughter has ordered tickets for Waynesboro show in May. Looking forward to seeing y’all in person. Yaaaa. Russ and Ann

  4. Hi,
    My name is Sarah. I’m 26 years old. We heard yall singing in fuquay and that’s how I found out y’all are from NC. It was awesome!! You made my granny’s year singing the old music. Her and my great aunt taught me these songs on the porch as a kid and I’ve done a lot of singing since then but never forgot those moments. It would mean the world to her if I could sing with y’all next time you’re this way. Please give me the opportunity to send you something if you’re interested. It would make an old lady’s day! I promise you won’t be disappointed! She is the og Loretta Lynn type. Raised in a holler and everything and she has passed this music to me. Please let me know if I could send you a demo.

  5. after hearing your great music once on tv several years ago i got hooked on it and listen to it everyday.did get to see you live meet you guys in ohio and bought a cd and had your both autograph it and it has become one of my favorite items.anyway i have a title for a song since you guys write such awesome songs.maybe this title and first line may become a great song for your type of great is the title and first line:TITLE IS “WHEN I MET YOU THAT NIGHT” THIS IS WHAT I HAVE WROTE TO START: WHEN I MET YOU THAT NIGHT
    IF I FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU hopefully you can make a hit with the title anyway love your music keep up the awesome shows and hope to see you guys in person once again.GOD BLESS YOU ALL DUANE FROM CHILLICOTHE,OHIO

  6. Just bought the Live at the Paramount album & it’s terrific. Appreciate how y’all keep the great sound of real country music alive. A lot of talent & feeling.

  7. Hey guys. I read recently in ‘Bluegrass Today’ that you are now going to host the Denton BGF. I want to congratulate you and wish you all the best. While we will all miss Doyle, I think you guys make a great replacement and I wish you great success.
    Mike Phipps, The Country Gentlemen Tribute Band

  8. Hello CHRIS and TAYLOR. I talked to Chris at Walhalla last Saturday about getting a replacement CD for from when ya’ll and Don Helms toured togeather when ya’ll were 19 and 17. We saw you at the fund raiser for the volunteer fire department in Silva NC. I lent Mine to Norman and Judy to try to get you on there Bluegrass circuit back then and Norman lost it. I hope that he found it and discovered you through our CD. We had ya’ll and DON autograph it for us and wish that we still had our original. Chris said that he might still have a copy in the basement. We remember that that was the coolest CD that we had ever seen because of the old radio dial Thanks again for another GREAT performance. Mark & Cecilia Elias

  9. Chris and Taylor, have you heard of Claude Gray he has some music from 1967 that would really fall into your wheelhouse. one song is I never had the one I wanted. A lot of great steel guitar runs in it. I found it on you tube after hearing it on Sirius XM . I know you guys are really busy but this is something tat that I can hear you doing. Please consider it for a good ole NC born fan of yours for the past 8 yrs.

  10. Hey, Love your music and vibe !!! Please come see us in Colorado !! Cheers !! R

  11. Come on back to Jackson, Tn. We are waiting for your return. Watch you on You Tube and facebook all the time., We have been to 2 of your concerts, would like to make it 3.

  12. I loved the show you put on in Yadkinville, North Carolina. It was GREAT. I enjoyed every minute of it. It was so good to see little Charlotte. She looks just like her daddy. Hope you come back soon. Love you guys. Be safe on the highways.

  13. First heard you Brothers at JennyBrook Bluegrass Festival and am looking forward to seeing you there again this year.we have recently moved to Fl so hopefully will be able to see you more you both are great my husband and I enjoy your CDs

  14. Wish you would come back to Waco Texas.

  15. Love to watch and hear you sing! Love your music. Chris your voice sounds like Dwight Yoakam. Wish you would sing some of his songs. Thanks

  16. Here in warm Okeechobee, Fl, last night the Malpass brothers put on the best show of the bluegrass festival, can’t wait to see them again, I am so glad we can get out and go again!

  17. Hey just ordered tickets to see you guys in walhalla cant wait

  18. I just found out about you guys. WOW! AMAZING!! I cannot get enough of your music!!

  19. I can’t get enough of you guys so I have YouTube scrolling video after video of you every time I’m working but can multitask. It would be sweet if there was a larger catalog on iTunes so I could never be Malpass-less. Is that ever going to happen? Or is my best bet to buy the CDs and upload them? FYI: you are better than about everything on iTunes these days so don’t hesitate to release a new CD every couple of months for the next few years. Thanks.

    • We do the same Y’all are in our home every evening. We especially love. Just Suppose…….Beautiful song. Keep up the good work guys. God Bless you and keep you safe as you travel. Russ and Ann

  20. We had tickets to see you in Yadkinville North Carolina tonight Jan. 8th. It has been moved to January 29th but according to your schedule you are to be in Florida on Jan. 29th. Which is right?

    • We will be in Yadkinville on the 29th. The schedule showing Florida was for a cruise that was cancelled. Sorry for the confusion! See you on the 29th!

      • I am looking forward to Saturday night in Yadkinville. I’m from the Malpass clan out of Pender County in eastern North Carolina.

        • Praying you have safe travel. Weather not looking good. Hope you have a great crowd. Sing and play “pretty” As always. Wish we could be there. Hopefully we can get to one of your shows in the Spring………Ann and Russ

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