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  1. Hi, I am really looking forward to seeing you in Temple Texas this October. I also wanted to know if you ever considered putting your music on a flash drive and selling. Gene Watson and Rhonda Vincent have done this on a couple albums for people with new cars that don’t have cd players, I would love for you to do this.

  2. Hey my friends looking forward to seeing y’all in Dec in Groesbeck tx. It’s is Rick your security guy the last time you were here.

  3. Just saw them in Spartanburg Pa excellent professional musicians good sound but the Spanish could use some work(haha comedy) glad we went

  4. We saw the Malpass Brothers in Waynesville, OH at Keepin’ It Country Farm last Saturday night when the Richard Lynch Band hosted them. There are LOTS of great photos of the Malpass Brothers performing that night on the Richard Lynch Band Facebook page. They were GREAT! Everyone loved them.

  5. Please have the boys call Martha Yarboro. Regarding Bill yarboro passing. Chris knows all about it.

  6. Just saw yall again in Seguin,TX. Another awesome show guys.

  7. Wow this is the second time we saw you and you are all amazing! We love all the members of your band, your music the jokes everything about the show! Keep up the great work, you guys are going far, no doubt about it!!! We love you and are already planning to see you another time this year, and next year in Centre Hall, PA. where we saw you tonight! Sorry you cold not talk after the show tonight, but we understand you had to get on the road! Prayers for safe travel for all of you and can’t wait for the next show!

  8. We drove to Tunbridge VT to go see the Malpass brothers. We think they are great; we wanted to dance but the sound was so loud inside the building that our ears were hurting. Our group and many others decided to go outside or to leave. The sound people refused to turn down the volume. I guess it was at the request of the Malpass Brothers, but authentic real country does not have to be loud enough so you can hear it in the next town. The good part is if we ever decide to go see them again we will save money and stay outside the gate!! Such a shame. I’ve been supporting country for 75 years!

    • I want folks to know that I’ve had a very refreshing response to my critical comments above. From a personal visit from the festival promoter and a discussion with one of the Malpass Brothers I now better understand that it is a very difficult building acoustically to bring the vocals across without having it rather loud. The volume was not at the request of the band. I highly recommend that anyone who appreciates good old style country music enjoy a Malpass Brothers concert.

      • I am so glad Nate Danforth updated his comments about the show in Tunbridge, VT, last night. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get there this year, but saw their show in Tunbridge three years ago. It was fantastic, and I smiled through the entire concert. Also enjoy seeing them on “Larry’s Country Diner.” They are the real deal!

  9. SELLERSVILLE, PA loves you guys!! Don’t let the sparse crowd dampen your enthusiasm for coming back to PA. We loved the performance and are spreading the word. The band is very talented, very fun and you give a wonderful show. We enjoyed meeting y’all afterward and appreciate how friendly and warm each of you are. It’s almost like we’re family. What a great evening! God bless.

  10. We’ve lost count of how many times we’ve seen y’all now – better and better every show! Please come back to Houstonfest – we’re sure you’ll be asked back!! Taylor, looks like your suit has been to the tailor?! We almost didn’t recognize you! Barrett Lee was working those guitar frets! So blessed to see you again. Thank you for keeping real country music alive!

  11. I saw you guys on Larry’s Diner a few times and finally got to see you in concert at the American Music Theater in Lancaster, Pa. You guys were absolutely amazing, funny and SOOOOO talented. I would have loved to get an autographed 8×10 of you guys, but you didn’t have any 8×10’s. I have a huge collection of 8×10’s of a lot of country stars, many that I got in person, including Conway Twitty, Sonny James, Loretta Lynn, Jimmy Martin, Bill Anderson, Jimmy Dickens, and soooo many more. I went to Sunset Park here in Pa. and so many of the local carnivals.
    I would love to have an autographed 8×10 of you guys to add to my collection. How do I go about getting one. Thank you so much, Larry Bicksler

  12. I’ve followed you guys and attended many shows since 2013. Y’all have tremendous talent, and great stage presence. I’ve been a musician and have seen hundreds of top acts over my lifetime and your work and dedication to your craft is very apparent. Speaking as a big Malpass Brothers FAN, I have to say it is frustrating to me that much of the audience/public see you as a “Tribute” band. I hate to see your careers limited by this perception. Please continue to write original material and/or select more obscure/overlooked material. For instance, how about covering some James Hand? Love you guys! Respectfully,

  13. My/our first experience seeing y’all in a live performance last nite (6/9/22) at the Birthplace of Country music in Bristol, VA. It was pure country, pure entertaining and pure awesome. Thank you for sharing your mega talent and we are two new fans. . . . .

  14. I wonder if you guys ever heard of The Farmer Boys from Bakersfield? you guys have that sound and would be kool to hear some of their songs done. you guys are best out singing anywhere today keeping the traditional country and rockabilly alive!

  15. Saw your show in Lancaster Pa on Sunday enjoyed the music but was sorry you did not sing any of your own songs. You have some great songs that you have wrote so sing some of them at your shows. Sing some of your own music.

  16. We very much enjoyed the Malpass Bros Bluegrass Festival at Denton Farm Park. While our favorite music is the Old time Country & Bluegrass, Gospel Country & Gospel Bluegrass, we also enjoyed the groups with newer music, Sideline & Bill & The Belles.
    The Malpass Bros were so great & generous with their time. Such sweet guys, with beautiful family.
    GOD has given them so much talent… Praying they always remember & give credit to Whom it came from🙏
    Please don’t stop playing in Texas! We live you from San Antonio!

    • Wow what a great show at the Wayne Theater in Waynesboro. Y’all did not diss appoint Those fans came to parteeee. So sorry we didn’t get to meet you guys, but did meet your. What a classy lady. Looking forward to seeing your show again soon. 🙏🙏 safe travels for you and your entire band and family. And what a band.

  17. We just returned from the Denton Festival. We can’t say enough good about it. First of all thanks for keeping the National Anthem. Ms. Owens always does our great nation proud with her rendition. Thank you for being so available this weekend for us to get to know y’all better. The bands were great. It’s refreshing to see the young talent on the stage keeping the tradition alive. I would say that Sideline isn’t quite the fit for Denton, in my opinion. We come for the traditional bluegrass and country.
    Bands to bring back;
    Darin & Brooke
    Russell Moore
    Caroline & Company
    Deeper Shade of Blue
    Larry Efaw

    Bands to not bring back;
    Lorraine Jordan
    Bill & The Bells

    We look forward to many more years at Denton with The Malpass Brothers!

    • My favorite country Band of all time. Very entertaining 👏

      On Fri, May 13, 2022, 3:26 PM The Malpass Brothers wrote:

      > Bethany & Roger Wilson commented: “We just returned from the Denton > Festival. We can’t say enough good about it. First of all thanks for > keeping the National Anthem. Ms. Owens always does our great nation proud > with her rendition. Thank you for being so available this weekend for us to > ge” >

  18. just got back from your denton festival and had a wonderful time . We are so glad you guys are carrying on that great festival . Saw all 5 of your shows and your they keep getting better . We love you guys and keep up the great work. Now for some suggestions . Reduce the weekend bands from 7 per day back to 4 or 5 . Forty minutes are just not enough to do a proper set and they really end up only being about a thirty minute set because of runovers and weather. Also i will say this as friendly as possible , don`t include in your lineup next year the rock and roll band Skip Cherryholmes and Sideline . That is about all I can say about them on social media . Looking forward to seeing you soon !

  19. We went to the first Annual Malpass Brothers Country & Bluegrass Music Festival at Denton Farm Park Friday. It was a beautiful and amazing day. I got a long hug from Chris during our national anthem. Taylor gave us a tour of their new bus with a bathroom you would not believe. Very nice home away from home. We met Landon for the first time and got to chat with all the guys in the band. It was a beautiful amazing day with the best of young men and your music. Thank you for making it a special day for us! Love you❤️❤️❤️❤️🎼

  20. Love, love, love you guys! Just saw your show at Little Roy (Lewis) & Lizzy’s festival in Lincolnton, GA & we’ll see you in Denton, NC for your festival! (Drove all the way from San Antonio, TX!)! Thank you for your great old time country & country gospel music & please keep coming to play for us in TX! God Bless you & your band & your family!

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