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  1. Would love for you to sing”Crossing the Brazos at Waco”

  2. They are a wonderful band

  3. When I frist heard Taylor play and sing frist thing came to mind was Hank Thomson. I am 76 years old so I love the old songs. I don’t like the nashville sound. Every thing sounds the same.There is a song that comes out ever so often is allwright. You guys Keep up what you are doing. HJG

  4. We try to attend your shows as often as possible when you are in Texas. Usually stay for both shows when in Seguin. Would love to see you perform in Victoria, Texas at the Leo Welder Performing Arts Theatre. Left word at their box office that they need to contact your booking agent. Hope it all works out.

  5. We went to the Reidsville NC Malpass Brothers show and have never enjoyed a show as much as that one. Couldn’t stop clapping, laughing, and tapping our feet.

  6. heard you on the Huckabee show, and we want to hear more

  7. New record ok, but I miss the harmony

  8. Loved the song you sang on Huckabee! Looking forward to the CD. Would love to see you at Clay Cooper threatre in 2023. Would you ever consider touring Upper Michigan ?

  9. Loved seeing you on Huckabee❤️ planning on seeing you in August in Lincolnton, GA

  10. Lawd hab mercy! I just saw y’all on Huckabee!!! New fan here dudes…Digging the sound and the vibe. Love those green and gold suits! And about the accents y’all say you couldn’t make up? True Story…Same here! Alamance County NC 😃

  11. Me and my wife enjoyed the show and the songs were incredible! My wife was trying to get a T-Shirt, but she wanted a blue colored one. Is there any way she can get one in blue? Just asking. Again, great show!

  12. I really enjoy your music, and have seen y’all several times in Texas. Trying to get tickets to the show in Llano Texas but can not find a place to purchase them. I have called and emailed the venue with no response. This concert is scheduled for July 8, 2023. The Seguin TX concert the next day is already selling tickets for their show. Concerned I am going to miss the opportunity in Llano. Any help would be appreciated.

  13. A couple of your friends from Denver, N.C. spent the weekend with me in P.C.B., Fl. last weekend and introduced me to your music. You guys are great and haven’t heard this style in many, many years. Wish you would come to the beach and meet Todd Herendeen and his family. Talk to Wayne and Linda and they will let you know that you are welcome at my home anytime !!!!

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