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  1. Just received our cd Lonely Street today. Already in my top 10 favorites in my collection. Some of the best music and harmonies

  2. My wife and I saw them in Ocala, Fl 5/19/23 Great entertainers. Looking forward to seeing them again.

  3. This was our second Malpass Brothers Festival and can’t say enough! Loved everything about it and loved you guys!! Did you see that crowd? It’s only going to get bigger and bigger! Loved every band but our favorite of course is Caroline and Company! She truly is not only a great singer and entertainer but she takes the time and talks to her fans (no matter how many times she sees you)!Before we left we bought our camping and day tickets for next year!

  4. I really enjoyed the 2nd annual Denton festival! All the bands were amazing. I especially enjoyed the Malpass Brothers, Lonesome River Band, Caroline and Company, & Authentic Unlimited.

  5. The most wonderful classic country voices with wonderful humor, I’d luv to meet their mother and wives

  6. We have always enjoyed the bluegrass festival at Denton Farm Park over the years. Since you guys have taken over, we thoroughly enjoyed our weekend there. We especially loved that you featured the talented Caroline Owens, along with Authentic Unlimited and Appalachian Road Show. We will be back next year!

  7. Hi, guys. Great job making our first bluegrass festival experience a memorable one. We originally looked into attending the festival because we follow Caroline Owens, but we had such a good time we already reserved for next year.

    We stayed until the end and was hoping that Caroline would do a gospel song during the service since she was there. We did find the service uplifting though, so we appreciate that you included it in your program.

    Your line up of groups was exceptional and we ended up buying a lot of merchandise…including event t-shirts. We were very glad Taylor was able to restore power, and we did like Taylor’s suit better.

    See you next year.

  8. Great show this weekend in Denton. I especially enjoyed talking to you two in your tent. Also, thanks for having Caroline Owens. She is such a great talent and hope you can work her into your act again soon.

  9. Saw you guys at your festival in Denton Farm Park. You were awesome. You really have that old country sound down. Also all the bands you had there were great too. Especially that Caroline Owens. She was great and her band was tops. I would have her on all booked on all your shows.

  10. We are here at your festival and you’re about to go on stage. What a fantastic night last night. Today you had the most beautiful rendition of the National Anthem, so wonderful. Anxiously awaiting this show. Thank you for keeping country music alive!

  11. we saw you guys in Waynesboro Ga. it was the best time ive had in years listening to music. You guys were so precious and i love the way you proudly watch the other when your performing. Please dont give up you guys were great. I love your original songs just as much. God bless you and safe travels.

  12. My husband and I saw you for the first time a few years ago at A. Curtis Andrew Auction Entertainment Building in Federalsburg MD with Rhonda Vincent. We loved your show!!! I hear she is coming back Nov. 18 2023. Please tell me you guys are going to be there again! It’s the only way we will committ to go. Your show is outstanding! Best wishes ❤️

  13. Discovered you on YouTube just a couple weeks ago and I’ve watched ALL the videos…can’t get enough of ya’ll! I love that you love the Lord, ya’ll love your family,and the music. Love your sense of humor the hair and Tyler’s (oops Taylor) gift of speaking Spanish. Pray I’ll be able to see you in Centre Pennsylvania at the Bluegrass Festival. Thank you for the music. You give this MawMaw a lot of joy! Love ya’ll

  14. We saw you guys in new bern n.c. and your show was fantastic. It was clean, funny and great singing. We are Carolinians ourselves and so proud you come from our home state

    • First saw you on Larrys Diner. Now saw this comment about your being in New Bern NC, so sorry I did not know about that, living just 30 miles east of there. I love your music.

  15. I love The Malpass brothers Singing . My favorite singer was always merle haggard. They sang with a great singer and song writer. I wish they would come to Pennsylvania I would love to see them

  16. Just seen these guys in Orange. Texas with Jimmy Fortune. These guys are fantastic. They put on a real entertaining show. Great, clean entertainment. You really should see them if you get a chance! You won’t be disappointed.

    • I agree with everyone who praises the Malpass Brothers.  So proud they come from NC, me too.  We try to see every show in our area and are also booked for the Star Vista Country Music Cruise 1/20/24.  Can’t wait.   Nancy AldridgeSnow Camp, NC

  17. I saw these young men perform at the Rudy in Selma they were fantastic. They used talent, skills, comedy and down to earth personalities to give one of the best co concerts I’ve seen in years. Oh by the way my wife loved Chris’ hair, go see these cats if you get a chance!!!!!

  18. We just saw probably the BEST SHOW we’ve seen since the Grand Ole Opry in the 70’s–the Malpass Brothers, with their band of exceptional musicians, at Floyd Country Store was phenomenal. We’d seen them on TV, but the live show took their talents exponentially higher!! Everyone there had a night to remember. We look forward to following their shows (and we about wore out their cd on the ride back home. ) Stay true, gentlemen!!!

  19. My family and I saw y’all at The Old Dominion Barn Dance. Awesome Show. My 14 year old son will be there in December. He was a talent show pick by Donna Stevens. Please check him out!!
    We were absolutely Fans when we let the show! I have been watching YouTube videos every since.

  20. I watched a bunch of old episodes of Austin City Limits the other day. It did my heart good to see so many legends and hear such great music come alive like that again. Luckily, I was able to see many of those artists live back in the day. One of them on the show (and one I’m so blessed to have seen live) was George Jones. Yes, He Stopped Loving Her Today is the song that makes everybody (myself included) stop in their tracks, but it’s another one that has left me darn near as sad over the decades. The reason I’m writing to you is that when he sang Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes, my heart sank and my mind raced like usual, but this time you popped in my head immediately. Whether it is at your own festival or in the circle at the Opry, singing covers of the classics or new material, you fill the shoes well. Thank you for delivering time and again for true music lovers. You are making a difference.

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